Is Controversy Necessarily Divisive?

Accusations of divisiveness sure do get lobbed around a lot these days. I’ve known this for a while, yet it wasn’t until it was alleged against me that I really gave some thought to the question: what makes discourse divisive? How can we know when we are saying something divisive? It might help to establish […]

Another Crack at Head Coverings

My fiancée and I have gone over 1st Corinthians 11 several times, each time being unsure how to make sense of it. It really is a difficult passage because there are a few statements that could be seen as contradictions. For instance, verse 5 says that if a woman does not cover her head in […]

Why Censoring Conspiracy Theories Tends to Backfire

A resource becomes more valuable as it becomes more scarce. Why would it be any different with information? There is a spectrum of opinion on censorship. At one end, you have unbridled speech in all contexts and circumstances, and on the other end, policing of all ideas which are considered to be dangerous. Debates surrounding […]

Mythical Faith – Let’s Talk About That

If you were brought up in the Christian faith, and especially if you have a bit of an argumentative personality, you can probably think of a time in your life where you patriotically defended your faith against the flaming arrows of atheism or something like that. I, for one, certainly went through a kind of […]