On the Greater Significance of Man than Beast

Note: an addendum has been added at the end of the article to clarify what is meant here by ‘intellect.’ With the increasing popularity of vegetarianism and veganism, the frequent villainization of the meat and fur industries, the campaign for adoption over breeders, zoo hate, et cetera, I cannot help but worry that North America […]

Beasts, Breasts, and Other Offensive Things

Feminism makes many statements, but I have chosen as a topic of discussion two in particular : a) that since the female body is not shameful in any way, a women reserves the right to display it according to her individual discernment in the way she dresses, without being made to feel ashamed by anyone […]

Augustine and Happiness

“Is not a happy life the thing that all desire, and is there any one who altogether desires it not? But where did they acquire the knowledge of it, that they so desire it? Where have they seen it, that they so love it? Truly we have it, but how I know not.” Augustine of […]